From Diwali melas to exhibitions to amusement parks ,one of the biggest fascination and attractions i always even looked forward to annually was Giant wheel,we may compare this desi manually operated ferris wheel to London eye of thames but no one but who has sat in the top most seat of a giant wheel 10 minute air ganging can only feel the stomach gigling and nerve tickling experience of the Big jhoola! When the giant wheel of 16 seats comes from on the top 16 to story 14 the way we scream in mixed emption of joy ,excitement, fear and feel like a celestial being cant be compared even to climbing burj khaleefa or flying in an aeroplane. Where as couples in love enjoy sticking together in cosy moments away from eyes but with eyes in each other on a giant wheel ,my mom and me really enjoyed our up and down circles ride so much that we bought the ticket thrice without getting down after at times waiting 1 hour in que for our turn with 100 other people eyeing us to get down! The boys who used to man the Giant wheel used to climb ,fling and jump in air like Sooper men and i used to scream bhaiya aur tez! Have u sat in a mannual giant wheel? How did u feel?