Dear 14-year-old self,

Keep your eyes and ears open. Father Time is waiting to tell you something important, and Mother Nature wants to show you everything you are inheriting.

You may feel that you are invincible and nothing can stand in your way, but please read these few words. They will help you realise the value of Father Time and Mother Nature.

Father Time has given you a little piece of thread from an endless spool that he controls. With that, you can do wonders and achieve greatness provided you treat it like gold. Don’t let time out of your sight. The mind is mischievous and will try everything possible to steal your treasure of time.

Your body is a cradle that holds a precious gift from Mother Nature—life. When you are young, it is the best time to explore and enjoy the riches—rivers, mountains, forests, lakes, oceans— you are inheriting.

Wherever you travel on the earth, you won’t be far from Mother Nature’s wealth, but please care for it as you would your life. She becomes you in bits and pieces with every breath you take, every drop you drink, and every morsel of food you eat.

Hold Father Time with one hand and Mother Nature with the other and take them with you wherever you go and whatever you do. They will remind you what is important in life and what is not, a perspective I wish I had when I was fourteen.