It warm fuzzy month of February in North India where it is still cold but not that cold anymore. Sitting in front of my alter I am thinking – what excuse is a big enough excuse for me to skip my my daily routine and resolutions. 

New year resolutions for our long term goal have a tendency to take the maximum hit when there is some personal crisis going on in our lives. For example due to some personal crisis recently, my morning running routine took a hit yesterday and today as well there was no condition or energy left in me to go but I literally forced myself out of bed and went outside the house. The idea was that even if I don’t want to run I will just take a walk and once I was already outside the house it was easier for me to nudge myself into running. Emotionally sometimes our state of mind is so disturbed that it is very easy to skip on our exercise routine or  meditation routine  but I am yet to find even one person who regrets exercising after having completed a session of vigorous physical exercise.

In the beginning depending on how our circumstances are, how our day went and how our state of mind is sometimes our mind really leaves us with no energy to stick to these things but it is in those moments that it is all the more crucial for us to just jump out of bed and go because the release of endorphins that comes with exercise gives instant relief and instant upliftment to the state of mind as well no matter how dire the problem which we are facing: it puts us in a state where we are better equipped to deal with that. 

Same thing goes for meditation as well. Meditation doesn’t always have to be concentrativr meditation if we are facing emotionally challenging situations meditation can act as a release, as a catharsis for those stuck feelings and this is what happened to me.

Yes concentrative meditation is probably the most difficult one and the most rewarding one and usually I try to stick to this form only but if something is weighing me down emotionally then I choose to just go with the flow and use meditation as a tool for emotional catharsis so I encourage you to tell me what excuse is a big enough excuse to skip our exercise, meditation and other personal goals?

There are times when it is genuinely very difficult to continue these routines and even if we tell somebody that I did not exercise because of so and so reason I did not meditate because of so and so reason I didn’t continue my writing, reading, process work – whatever it may be because of this reason everybody will instantly understand but is that enough or can we move beyond this barrier?

I believe in the latter one and I am trying to stick to that keeping faith and Swamiji and Srihari that I will be able to do that. 

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