What is Life? 

When I met God, the first thing he told me was that people think a thousand times about their careers but they never stop to think about life. What to do with this life? How can we make it a better life? What can we do to improve our personalities? Being honest, being brave, being proud. It got me thinking, not what I want to do with my life but what life really is. What does it mean when I say I am alive? Does life have any sort of explanation ? I felt I can only begin to improve my life when I understood what it really means. I have been this way for as long as I can remember. I can’t really be motivated for something if I don’t know exactly what it means. So before I could begin to do something with my life I wanted to understand the meaning of it. The question bothering me was how it works. 

It has been almost a decade when my journey began and I finally feel that I have discovered what life really is. Why some people get depressed and some struggle with finding any purpose. Why there is so much chaos and why things are so dynamic and why there are so many unknowns in life. 

Before I tell you the mystery I have to lay out some knowledge about information itself. Is every information explainable? Is everything in the realm of the cognitive brain? If we work hard enough or if we are smart enough can we understand and explain everything to someone else? Well contrary to popular belief it’s not so. Explaining this find is a challenge for another day. To keep it short, No , it is not possible to understand everything and also sometimes it is not possible (at all) to explain something to someone else even if you have understood some concept or theory. It is not about talent to explain ,it is just not possible (and maybe this is why AI is not possible by humans. We will come to AI some other day. I am currently in the process of research). 

Density Of Information 

Earlier I have explained that all knowledge(information) exists at four levels and each level is more complex than its predecessor at surface. I also explained how the layers are vertically and horizontally arranged i.e if we dig deep in any of the given layers the complexity increases and will reach infinity after some point or the other. 

Along with this the information has another property associated with it called (by me) Density. It is related to the explainability of the information. Everyone in their life has felt at least once that they know something but they can’t seem to express it. No matter how hard they try but they are unable to exactly tell what they want to say. This is because the information that they want to convey is dense. Hence it is impossible to convey it to someone else. 

We input knowledge into our cognition via two ways active cognition and passive cognition. In passive cognition our brain keeps taking input from various sources like social interactions, tv, internet , traffic, nature etc without we being aware of it. It may be hard to

understand but your active brain (reading, writing, lecture etc) are not the only source of your information. Both parts of the brain are always active (when you are awake) and are working in tandem. Two dense things are born of this phenomenon. Experience and Feelings. Although there are other dense things, these two are of prime importance to explain what life is. 

The corollary of this finding is curing depression and other sorts of mental illness by carefully integrating these things in study from a young age. 


I am not going to talk about the origins of life or where it is going to end. I will just talk about how life behaves. And when we understand how it behaves then we can begin to understand what it really is. 

The fundamental unit of our existence is our soul. And we experience (note its a dense term) ‘life’ via our cognition. These two are tangled together. One cannot exist without the other. I am not going to talk about afterlife because I don’t know how we experience afterlife i.e I don’t know what is our soul tangled with and how that entity behaves. One thing I know for sure is the soul cannot exist alone. It needs something physical at all times to have an existence, it can be a human body, an air molecule , a rock or anything physical. What it is attached to in the afterlife is unknown to me. If it does not have a cognitive physical entity like the brain that would initiate the ‘experience’ and ‘feelings’ then talking about afterlife is meaningless to begin with. SInce souls find a body after human death again and again and it has no escape (would you want one? Would you want a meaningless afterlife ?? these are questions that can be taken up later), I am only interested in the behavior of life in human form. SInce questions of afterlife are at the fourth level they are dense to begin with. But we can begin to introspect it only after we truly understand human life. 

Some people are always thinking about the past, some are always planning their future. Humans generally perceive life to be continuous. They have to, because humans desire control. And to have some sense of control we want things to be continuous. In a nutshell humans imagine life to behave like a wave, continuous and navigable. Hence they keep thinking about the past, they try to navigate life backwards and remember it or they try to navigate forward and plan it. However life does not behave like a wave for all practical purposes. It behaves like a particle made of ‘moments’. This is why we sometimes get the feelings like ‘it seems like yesterday when i was 12 years old’ or when people get old they often exclaim that they can’t believe how quickly life passed by. To drive this point home, if you are reading this try to remember a fond memory of yours when you were really young, it will feel like just a ‘moment’ ago this happened. When you return back from your memory you will be filled with disbelief, how the hell I got so old so fast! This feeling of frustration and anxiousness of life floating away sometimes overpowers people and plunges them into all sorts of problems. The problem is we are forced to imagine life to be a continuous function of time. Therefore we expect continuity from our ‘experience’ as well. But life is made up of particles so one when you think of the past you try to jump directly to that particle (moment).

This jump is discreet and happens instantaneously hence you get the feeling ‘it seems like just yesterday’. 

There are some instances when people are very focused on some task and they lose track of time. A general term for this phenomenon is flow. In this duration of flow the moments are packed very closely wrt time and only during that time duration does life behave like a wave. That entire duration acts like one single particle. Remember that this experience of life is only possible through a combination of soul and brain. And it is in this context that we must try to understand it. We may want to perceive life as a wave because it is more desirable for our aspirations but our soul-brain combo perceives it as particles. This conflict between our desire and reality is the reason for most of our personal problems. This irritability, anxiousness, unexplained sadness, depressions all stems out from this conflict. 

So what should we do? Should we never think about the past? Should we never plan our future? I think the answers to these questions are very individualistic. We know Alcohol is bad but we still do it. In moderation it might even be healthy. In the same way knowing the reality is important and fondly looking at the past from time to time or having a plan for the future is healthy. But some people (in my experience most of the people) are either stuck in the past or are living in the future. 

The people stuck in the past are dead for all practical purposes because they are using their current moments to try and go back to a past moment which is not possible as it has already passed and is only a part of our memory now. They are dead. If you get to observe any such person you can see that these people will be perpetually depressed and will feel that life has no meaning and such. This happens because they are dead for all practical purposes. 

The second type of people who are always thinking about the future are using their current moments to try and force themselves into a moment of the future. I call them vegetative. These types of people will always find an excuse to postpone any kind of happiness to a moment in the future. This happens because they are not present in their moment so they can not experience it. So the notion of any kind of happiness in the moment is incomprehensible to them. These types of people may find success but they have never lived their life. In my experience such people may become dangerous for society. The irritability for not having lived their life which is bound to strike them at the prime of their power is non curable hence they often turn destructive. 

This being said it is not easy to always live in the moment and enjoy and experience life truly. Those who try to pursue it to its completeness become yogis and rishis. There is always this equation at work 

Life(t) = ΣPastMoments + CurrentMoment(t) − ThinkingAboutPast(t) − PlanningFuture(t) . Yogis try to cancel out the negatives of the equations. Only a few have been successful (I am not sure, because even God can’t stop planning the future. So it’s very hard to believe someone else might have been successful , nonetheless it is possible. Is it feasible? (some other day 😉 ) 

Note that these topics are all fourth level. By now you might have understood that it is not possible to explain everything. There are many things that have not been discussed here, like entanglement of soul and brain, how it works? Effects of afterbirth, the process of after

birth etc. If I go into all this at the time of explanation then the article will become chaotic and will yield no meaning. It’s very rare that I feel like writing something. So may be some other day. 🙂

If someone out there is facing any typical problem and wants to discuss it. you can email me at abhi.mn9@gmail.com 

PS: I am not learning astrological sciences right now. So all I can provide right now for you is logic. Only Man can cure himself. Stay Happy Stay Blessed. 🙂 

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