Close your eyes and think, which is the most difficult thing for you to do? Spend few minutes on this question and after that continue reading this post. Was it motherhood? Marriage? Business loss? Moving to a new country or job? Growing old? There will be many more instances like this. In all of these, there will be a common factor, which is “Change”.

Changing it the most difficult thing to do in our life. Every one of us faces this. Be it a toddler who goes to school for the first time or a woman who got married recently, both are rushed into a completely new environment. Irrespective of their age both will find it difficult to adapt. To work efficiently our brain has found a trick, it forms patterns of thoughts and habits. Most of our day to day work is achieved by these methods so that our brain can concentrate on other jobs at hand. This helps us to perform quickly and efficiently. This is called as auto mode. Yet as we become accustomed to these methods and habits it becomes hard for us to change. A driver who is cruising in a highway is taken aback when he spots a speed breaker. He needs to spend few moments adjusting to the break in his auto mode.

This is why we need to be more compassionate towards those who are changing their life. Be it your spouse, children, employees, co-worker. All that they want is time and a non-judgemental hearing. They will ssuccessfully overcome.

In Times of COVID-19,

As we discussed earlier every one of us has changed and there was someone to support us. Now in times of COVID-19 everyone are facing this change at the same time. Initially, it was only a new normal like wearing masks and social distancing but as time passed many things happened. All our favourite things like dining out, meeting friends, holidays were curtailed. In few months the real effect was many were starring at job losses, work from home was becoming work for 24 hours, without maids tidying home became a mammoth task, children who were enjoying online classes found the limitations of it. Particularly children who were in high school and college. Then came the loss of life. Today every one of us has lost a close friend or relative. We also have been doing this for a very long time almost 18 months. We all are suffering mentally and physically. 

Never in our dreams, we could have imagined such a scenario. COVID-19 is the baap of change. Let’s be more compassionate towards everyone we encounter. Maybe this is the biggest test that we will face in our life. Let’s come out in flying colours.

The “Change” brought out by “Covid” can only be conquered through “Compassion”.

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