“The Vedic ideology is dying a slow death; it’s facing an imminent extinction (more on this another time). And the chief cause of that is just that: the absence of courage by its followers. What should have been only personal has become private.”

Since the time I read Swamiji’s blog Personal vs. Private, particularly the above, I am in distress. I can see the reality of what Swamiji says all around me. I can no longer think about my ‘well-being’ only, my ‘liberation’ only! What minimum can we do for our sacred and precious Sanatana Dharma? My small and ignorant brain is pondering over it frequently and is coming out with the following action items. Please see if you can make sense of it and if they are doable.

(1)   Set your home in order

By this I mean, first and foremost, let’s try to live in a Vedic way in our own house first. If your family members are not supportive, please don’t get disheartened. Please have faith. They will eventually join you. If not, that’s their misfortune!

(2)   Practice what you preach

When we advise someone to do a certain thing, it’s much more impactful, if we do it ourselves first. So, when we encourage others to do Nitya karma, meditation, Sadhana, being truthful, and so on, we must do all those stuff ourselves first to the best of our abilities. Let’s not wait to achieve perfection in whatever we are doing in the context of Vedic ways of life, and then take some action. Time is short and it’s running too fast! Let us begin right away. Let’s do whatever minimum is possible. Let the ball roll!  

(3)   Focus on the children

Children are our ultimate hope! We need to go beyond the os.me. Whatever we learn on this platform, we should spread it among them. How?

  • Instil the habit of ‘reading’ in them! We can take initiative to set up a library in our neighbourhood or village/town where comics, particularly ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ may be made available, along with some Vedic literature.
  • We can talk to the principal or the Head of schools to put more and more Vedic literature in school libraries. We may also voluntarily donate such books.
  • We may organise workshops for the children now and then, targeting their wellness, and letting them know about our glorious past and ancient cultures. Let’s make them proud of our nation and our ancient cultures.
  • The ultra-minimum we can do is already said by Swamiji. Please visit this link: कैसे दी जाए बच्चों को सनातन धर्म की शिक्षा | धर्मो रक्षति रक्षित: |

(4)   Spread the words, preferably in your mother tongue

It’s obviously much more effective. We may do the followings:

  • Let’s write articles about our cultures, and glorious history in our regional language and publish them in local newspapers or magazines. It’s extremely crucial to make our people proud of our cultural heritage.
  • I shall particularly advocate translating Swamiji’s the Ancient Science of Mantras to various Indian languages. One good way to begin that immediately would be to start writing pieces for magazines and local newspapers. If you can’t do that, encourage someone else to do so. Fund him/her! I am going to do that myself within the next six months; I shall write in the Assamese language. Please do your bit!

(5)   Sadhana App

It’s the most beautiful contribution by Swamiji till date! Let’s create awareness about it in a massive scale. Let’s not bother about the critics. Our job is to inform him/her in a gentle way. It’s his/her destiny to go for it or not. Let’s do that in the most detached way.

(6)   Striving for Excellence in our own field

Now, it’s even more important to do good in our respective profession. If we are not good at something, some skills, no one will take our words seriously. So, let us do our work with utmost sincerity for Swamiji’s sake!

(7)   Courage

Finally, let us be brave! If someone is badmouthing our culture, we should not keep quiet. We must, at least, speak our truth; not getting involved in any arguments and insulting the other party. We should lead by example. We can’t expect our children to be courageous if we ourselves are not exhibiting it.

(8) Donate

It’s my experience that we Hindus are very bad at donating money for a good cause. I think we should ideally donate 10% of our income for the causes which can potentially strengthen our Dharma. If not 10%, at least 5%! If that is also not possible, I am sure at least  we can donate 1% of our income for a good cause every month! I hope this is the most minimum each of us are capable of doing. 

Let’s get ready for the long haul! It may take our whole lifetime to see some fruitful results, of what we are doing today before we breathe our last. So be it! But at least we will have the satisfaction that we tried to do something. Let’s act! Act now!

P.S. -1 The points above have been put together quickly and to which you need not have to agree. Please let me know your actionable items in the comment section. It will really help. Jai Sri Hari!  

P.S.-2 I am reposting it as I have modified some portions in the post. Sorry for the inconvenience caused!