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The purpose of life is to discover the gift given by God and  distribute to others – gift means the quality of our soul like purity , kindness, knowledge, wisdom , peacefulness , sanskar and values . We act in our life based on the gift given to  every soul . We may restrict our growth if  this gift was not departed or share with others .
Example : take the example of tree or plant , it takes carbon dioxide and process  into oxygen  and keeps  self  alive ,  and others  human being or animal . Suppose it does  not emit  oxygen , its growth would be restricted at all and it will die  soon .
Therefore , it is very important to follow the law ” law of giving ” in life , there  should not be intention to take  to take every time , ( लेना लेना , देना देना नहीं) try to help the unfortunate human being , God will smile on you and on your family . Conclusion : the purpose of life to get peace and happiness , it can only be achieved by our good pure thoughts and by radiating positivity to all our surroundings .

Om Shanti , Astro Ashok 


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