Blog – what is true category of earned money .
In general, people with money tend to live happier, less anxious lives compared to those struggling to make both ends meet.
There are three categories of true value of money which we are earning
Uttam money( higher true value of money ) – the money which is earned by hard work being used for his own family , being used purposefully , being used for noble religious work , being used to donate to unfortunate or less privileged human beings , being used with senses at right time at right occasion .
Medium money – this kind of money is earned by both ways legally or illegally , it is only being parked in bank and it is giving more service to bank than to you, neither use for himself nor to his family and also not being donated to any unfortunate or destitute human beings without caring others . , Living with miseries is the only target in life , never ever experienced enjoyment , pleasure and happiness .
Adharm money – this money is earned by wrongful ways and being used for illegal purposes , it is used for absolute waste ful purposes . This kind of money is not being respected or loved as it comes as it goes without information , Using of such kind of money in gambling , satta , mataka ,fixing of Match . You will feel indifferent while spending .

Conclusion :- when we know that we are getting old and would die and either leave the money here or it may be robbed by thieves . It would be better to give something to needy person whose life can be altered or improved , the money which had been given to any needy person is only salvaged money in your life .