First of all I offer my obeisance to all Matri Shakti…. 

Last week my cousin sister (mama ki beti) got married… Started her new life… Weddings are full of emotions.. Each person in the wedding holds his or her own emotion and relation. For me it was the bond of brother and sister since childhood, memories… When we visit our Nanihaal, Nani ke hath ka khana is major attraction but cousins ke sath wali masti is beyond any words… We enjoyed a lot, prior to Bidaai… When the moment for Bidaai came, don’t know from where emotions started flowing through my eyes… Whenever I’ll visit my Nanihaal, my sister will not be there to give me a warm welcome with her gentle smile. Oh Krishna, this feeling was so pure.

See this worldly relation did this much, pure emotions. Imagine about your relation with Hari. I was seeing, she is ready to start her new life, leaving everything behind she is going ahead.

What makes her to leave everything? 

Maybe hope, love from her husband.

(Those in-laws who treat a girl in a bad manner, tortures her, they are going to face their karma soon.)

This girl is ready to leave everything for her Piya. Her name, her home, her family, everything in the love of her husband. Can’t we leave the attachment of this materialistic world from inside to meet our Piya Sri Hari?

Ask yourself.  I’m asking myself.

It is possible that at some point in this life our lover can leave us alone, but Sri Hari is always with us…

Start loving him who loves you…

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