Be happy in the moment that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more. Mother Teresa.


I had a long discussion with a friend today, and the conversation was about what it needs to be happy. The list was long, and few are as follows:


·         New dress

·         New phone

·         New TV

·         New car

·         New flat

·         New home

·         New jewelry

·         New job

·         New girlfriend

·         New baby

·         Marriage

·         The list is never-ending, but one thing is common it is always something new to the person.

But the question is, for how long is that happiness.

·         The second time you wear that dress, it is old

·         The new phone is old by day end.

·         The TV is all the same but with a few new features.

·         The car will be old as soon as it touches the dirty road.

·         Home will be old in first rainfall

·         Jewelry will be old as the new design comes in.

·         Job is frustrating in a few days.

·         Wait, and the new girlfriend will be the same as the old one was.

But all these things or materialistic things give us is a small-time of happiness. But what gives you real happiness.

·         The breath

·         The sunrise

·         The sky full of stars.

·         The smile

·         The gratitude of giving someone something.

·         The blessing of an old one.

·         The blessing of someone on the road.

·         Try RAK on a black lotus( that is true happiness.

Still, I have many questions which are there in mind, and a lot are to answer, but is it required to get all the answers as sometimes it is ok to be the way it is, let’s be in the present and enjoy the moment.


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