The neighbor’s wife had an affair

Rumors hovered in the air,

 A tea-time topic for some folks out there

Spying on her was their newfound affair.

Should I bother I asked myself

Should I really worry?

Can I help?

The much-loved protagonist of the daily soap died

Leaving fans all teary-eyed;

Twitter too painfully cried.

Cursing abusing their favorite show

For their beloved hero was now no more

Calling for his comeback.

Or threatening a boycott attack.

Should I bother I asked myself

Should I really worry?

Can I help?

The landlord’s cat went missing

Was it the next-door prankster behind the scene?

A hunt was launched; police were called

But no one knew, where the dear- one crawled.

The mystery is puzzling everyone’s head.

I too am feeling, a little bit sad.

But should I bother? I asked myself.

Should I really worry?

Will it help?

A knock at my door

It’s 9 a.m; our maid is here.

Today too, covered with bruises all over her face.

She does not own a makeup kit, which modern society women do to conceal their bruises.

But she buries them deep in her heart,

Oh, Didi! I stumbled while working. This is all she says.

flashing her vibrant smile, she is back to work.

but her pain is making me restless.

should I worry I ask myself

Should I really worry

Can I help??


Society and its many problems.

Which of them truly deserves our time and attention?

Which one should we worry about?

And which one should we not fret about? 

Discarding the inessentials to find the real essential.

Will open the way to a new purpose in our life.

Kamla, our house help, is no longer living with her abusive husband. With many people lending a helping hand, she is now living her life independently, raising her three kids with dignity and love. All She says is that she can see the sun shining bright and in its brightness, she can clearly see the path leading her to a beautiful and decent future.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay