What’s hard in this world
is it to work everyday morning to evening
is it to use your body like hell, so that someone can eat
is it to lose everything in the pursuit of gain
is it to burn the midnight oil so to learn to live

is it working to pay the bills
is it working to accomplish your biggest desire
is it to face the humiliation in the face of failure
is it to listen to the harsh words from the one person you love

whenever I ask this question about Him, I feel, its nothing
for Him, it’s hard to see potential getting wasted,
it’s hard to see people having everything and feeling empty,
it’s hard to see a person with everything, unable to help

it’s hard not to say something that a person need, but won’t understand
it’s hard to see someone in pain, because of virtues
it’s hard to see someone suffering, and he has everything he needs
it’s hard to see someone holding on to nothing, thinking its everything

it’s unbelievable His love still flows, unconditionally
it’s beyond reason, the workings of the Heart


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