I made up my language when I was a kid, so no one can read or understand but for me. It was a secret from everyone that no one could decode. It gave me a sense of freedom to express myself. Not that I was not expressive or vocal. Being the last kid out of the four and that too a large gap of eight years between me and the youngest of three siblings, I was practically the baby of the house. Being bought up by everyone around me made me a fusion of everyone’s qualities. Anyway, I don’t want this to be my series like what I wrote in my coded language.

Life is fascinating, and it brings a sense of aww at times when I can see past the surface. I guess, at this point, I think what my purpose of writing is? Am I trying to share a particular experience? Or give you a takeaway or what? Well! that depends on you. I am sharing, and you all choose your action.

Now that my body has aged a bit and supposedly has some wisdom based on life experiences. I’ve developed a different perspective where I am self-caring, decisive for self, fearless, and dreaming again.

It’s so essential, wonderful, and amazing to dream again. Now, I am not saying make a Christmas list, but hey! one or two items are allowed 🙂 Right that instant, when you dream, the world becomes peaceful, the bliss of Sri Hari’s abode. Personally, for me, it is challenging to imagine any other place for dreaming, but since I am living in this world and karma is our dharma. Let’s learn how to dream together.

Step 1 – Make a dream journal.

Step 2- Permit yourself to write anything you desire. Try to limit to 5.

(For example, I want to write a book and be a #NY best seller)

Step 3 – It is ok for the dreams to change every day.

As I am writing this feeling of judgment, I don’t even know how to write, let alone be the #1 bestseller, hahaha! Not just that, I am justifying myself that if I get this, then I can make a more significant impact of helping and serving other people as it will help me increase my reach.

Being aware of these feelings and sharing, I am tossing the above thought in the trash bin. Dream Big, Dream small, dream whatever it’s unique, unusual, remarkable, impressive as it’s yours.

Step 4 – Keep doing this for seven (7) days and see if we feel any different? In today’s time, 30 days is too much to wait. So, comment below if you are ready to board, fly high on a dream journey with me?