The term “spiritual attainment” is pretty confusing. Over the years, our minds have fathomed many things about that phrase. Many people assume that one has to walk on water or fly up in the air to be spiritual. At times, even if they’ve attained something significant, they don’t realize it. In essence, most spiritual aspirants run around in circles due to this clutter.

Like everything else in this world, working with a goal is essential for spiritual attainment. In this post, I’ll present some spiritual targets. If we pick one of these and work towards it, something miraculous happens. Out of the blue, Mother Nature takes over and gives us directions towards our actual destination. It almost feels like Nature waits for us to make some effort before guiding us to our grand finale!

Below are some spiritual goals (which are more of stages) that we can pursue. As follows:


Self-esteem is more of emotional attainment, but it is the foundation of spirituality. Before we aspire for higher spiritual states, we have to find a way to believe that we deserve to receive grace. Only those with self-esteem can generate the courage to walk the path of spirituality.

In short, there’s a massive difference between being a beggar and being a mendicant! The former begs without self-esteem. But, the latter keeps their self-worth while eliminating their ego.

Practicing kindness and working on social service is a great way to build self-worth. Also, here’s where our worldly achievements come in handy. If we can achieve something in this world, we gain confidence to pursue the spiritual path. At a high level, as listed in the Spiritual Self-Evaluation post, Stage 6 to Stage 8 belongs here.

A Pure Mind

The mind is the field, plow, and farmer in spirituality! Removing the mind’s conditioning is the numero uno spiritual attainment. Applying self-purification techniques to our stubborn minds is the approach to get there.

In the Spiritual Self-Evaluation post, Stage 9 to Stage 11 falls into this category. That tells us how vital preparing the mind is for someone to feel spiritual attainment. A humble mind free from negativity and surrendered to Nature is nothing short of bliss.

Some Spiritual Powers

Those with a relatively pure mind become an embodiment of peace and compassion. In that calm state of mind, they start to experience the power of their minds. Their words tend to materialize. Sometimes, their prayers and blessings begin to give results to others. Law of attraction and other such phenomena becomes an everyday occurrence.

Reaching here is spiritual attainment in itself. This state seems enough of a spiritual achievement for many. Plus, they even feel complete with their life’s purpose. We can consider this equal to Stage 12 in our Spiritual Self-Evaluation.

Unconditional Love

To feel unconditional love, one must have some self-worth and a purified mind. They also need a level of mindfulness, a natural feeling of humility, and a non-attached view.

Besides that, we must understand the real essence of compassion. That includes compassion towards ourselves and others. As a side note, sympathy and kindness aren’t the same as compassion. A topic for another day.

A vast number of sages consider this the utmost spiritual attainment. This goal is almost the equivalent of Stage 13 in our Spiritual Self-Evaluation.

Occult Powers

When a typical person thinks of spiritual attainment, this is what they’re imagining! Mild meditation, regular chanting, some simple Sadhana, and a bit of solitude can get us to a state of unconditional love. But, we need hours of meditation and specially focused Sadhana to get here.

Typically, many seekers pursuing the path of spirituality think chiefly about these powers. Interestingly, the earnest seekers consider these occult powers a mere distraction. These powers lead them away from their final state of emancipation. So, many don’t even bother working towards these.


When they reach the unconditional love or even occult power stage, many seekers feel complete and accomplished. Yet, a few persistent ones don’t feel satiated. So, they keep walking further. To experience this state, a person must devote many hours to meditative activities. They must also spend some time in solitude and go past the temptation to get occult powers.

It’s in this self-absorptive condition that many witness Divinity of various sorts. Depending on their personality, each person experiences a different final state of spirituality. Sometimes, people even have a vision of the Divine. For the world, even the presence of people in this stage can transform them.

The Witness

A person even stops valuing their spiritual attainments here. Most of them exit the world at this stage and harbor no desire to return. They identify with their inner Divinity and radiate Divine presence. The world’s views don’t bother them anymore, and they treat harsh words and praises equally.

Spiritual practitioners at this stage can meditate for a more extended period. Also, their minds move entirely from conversation to concentration. In a nutshell, those who reach here remain peaceful. In serene harmony with Nature, they witness the world as an outsider, even while living in it.

The Self-Absorption and Witness stages are different types of Samadhi stages. These form Stage 14 in the Spiritual Self-Evaluation. In Kundalini Meditation, this is synonymous with our energy reaching the Sahasrara Chakra.

Advanced Spiritual Powers

Most sages leave the world before getting here. It’s the rare few compassionate ones that return to serve the world selflessly. This isn’t any state or attainment anymore. A Divine Sage lives in a meditative state, and Nature works in their favor. Mother Nature showers all sorts of powers on such selfless saints.

To the world, even remembering such sages with love can bring transformation. Without any ulterior motives, if people follow the guidance of these sages, their spiritual victory is imminent!


A Special Note

We all know where our beloved Swami is in his spiritual attainments! He has become Nature herself. When he thinks of something, the Divine Mother finds a way to get things done. Most of us here are fortunate to have even heard the name of such a sage in our lifetimes. 

Here’s my humble request: Let us not use the presence of such a Divine Sage merely for the gratification of our ego. For that matter, even for the fulfillment of our insatiable but temporary desires. If you put in some effort, massive spiritual transformation is waiting for you in his guidance. As Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa said, “Why chase petty things when the Divine Mother wishes to give us the treasury!”

As a parting note, I suggest starting from the self-worth stage (or wherever you perceive you are). Go through each spiritual goal (stage). Work on it using the divisions in the Spiritual Self-Evaluation post. At some point, Nature will take you in directions suitable for your self-discovery. Before you know it, you’ll be pursuing your inner journey at a lightning pace.

Om Sri Matre Namaha.