Today there was messsage on my son s school claass group that one of his classmates Naana had gone missing since 2 days and if anyone locates the 80 year old ,a little disoriented government retired employee, we should inform his daughters whos phone number was mentioned in the pleading request! On empathy i forwarded the message to all my watts app groups aswelll called the lady who had sent the request and suggested her to register a missing f.i.r for her Dad aswelll search all emergency opds of government hospitals, she was stuttering telling me about her father who was last seen at some green feild area of Faridabad where his eldest daughter among 3 had taken her to ,The daughter whom i talked to also told me that they lost their mom 2 years back and since then though earning a handsome pension her father had become extremely stingy aswelll forgetful and impulsive. I being home could do not much but i did my part by asking her to pray to God,checking all hospitals nearby and registering an fir! There were some so insensitive people on school group who objected how can one put such news on an exclusive school work group and others who started defending or quarrelling with objecting parent! Anyways good news was that the old uncle just got found in Kirti nagar Delhi.Since this incident realy touched my heart thought of sharing it , how vulnerable we r of our identity clothes, name ,looks or house adress too when age strikes! Kis cheez pe anhankaar

karei jab ye shareer ,mann aur chitt tak apne nahi?