I have had thoughts that can be termed dark, evil or maleficent. I would be disturbed, angry, and consumed by hatred. Life would become a version of hell. And then seemingly in a flash, it would go away when realisation dawned about my ill begotten thoughts. It was as if a light shone within and illuminated the good neural path. I have wondered and been bemused by these experiences.

These thoughts and their shenanigans are akin to those exaggerated, frightful nightmares that dissipate at the crack of dawn.

The poem below emerged from these musings of mine. I hope you like it.


When darkness descends,
existence burns, air reeks of rot.

Heat scorches, tears flow, hope perspires.

Hideous birds flutter aimlessly, their shrieks riven with grief.

Curses and deathly noises crescendo amidst raging chaos.

When darkness descends,
desperation glares at a diminished sun afraid to rise.

The heart shatters, passion turning unborn.

Hunger rises, for blood, to gnaw at living, to maim and reclaim the unmanifest.

Misshapen forms dance, lunging on mind’s roof, its ungainly contortions devoid of sobriety.

When darkness descends,
the flame burns no more, the moon going bleak.

The rivers still, shadows voiding existence.

Embers of stagnation glow, life cowering in abyss.

Dread abounds in silence, death peeks.

And then there is light. 

Love rises, hope behind. 

A new meaning takes shape. Darkness blurs.

The spirit soars. Reason blinks.

The birds sing again.

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