It was Thursday, my fast day! Around 7:45am, I had my breakfast which include mostly fruits and dry fruits with my eyes glued on Om Swamiji’s Hindi discourse ‘Attainment of Siddhis Part -3’. I was chewing and swallowing food too slowly and of course somewhat mindfully. I was feeling that I was doing a yagya!

At 12:15 pm, it was papaya time! On my fast days, most of the time I consume papaya in lunch. It is delicious and loaded with nutrients. Its vibrant ochre yellow colour made my dull fast plate attractive. Beside it, roasted channa, sweet saamak, sautéed makhanas, apple, grapes, orange and a bowl full of aloo curd (without spices) were there. My philosophy of life is ‘Jindagi mein kuch achchhaa ho ya na ho per khanna badiya hona chahiye.’ (Whether life blessed with anything decent or not but food should always be pleasing!)  

I could not have my meals without watching cartoon or movie clippings but I had replaced this bad habit with watching YouTube videos and discourses by Om Swamiji. I watched and I ate, I ate and I watched. Once again, I was watching ‘Attainment of Siddhis Part-3’ during my lunchtime. My speed of consuming regular meals in 15 minutes slowed down to 30 minutes. It was the sweet taste of papaya that I was enjoying or relishing my meal like a God or both.

My third meal was also as if I was doing my trikal sandhya. I sipped mango shake little by little as if I was feeding divine in me very gently and patiently.

There was one person in my each circle – outer and inner who had given me good amount of tension and stress, with the result of that my mind on the slightest thought of theirs kept throwing arrows of negativity at them. They hurt me and I was hurting them with my powerful thoughts. Next day, it was different! I was divine. I was God. I felt no negativity for them instead the awakened divine in me wished to thank them for giving me so much stress and tension. If I were never so much stressed, I would have never meditated so hard. The continuous stress in my outer and inner circle mostly from them forced me to meditate incessant to calm my mind. I meditated. I meditated more. I had glimpse of MA! 🙂

The whole day I kept expressing my gratitude to both of them for being in my life! 🙂

I decided to make it my practice to eat mindfully and feel divine while having meals. However, that experience never happened again. Oh! That must be papaya magic!