Hello beautiful family!

How was the week? Lots of challenges, right? One thing I have learnt while trying to be mindful (i had to keep reminding myself to be mindful, I just kept forgetting), is that challenges will never go away. New challenges in my meditation also. I am trying the ‘Be mindful‘ pack. Dear Lord, Wall gazing is not for me. I have to close my eyes, I can’t do it with my eyes open. While meditating I do not wear my glasses, so the wall is always out of focus. 🤣 Persistence is the key, so I am waiting for when I will finish this pack. I just know that I am flawed and that I am not ready for wall gazing yet. I am working on that too. ❤️

Seriously, I managed to finish ‘A million thoughts.’ Hurray! But not so quick. It feels like the start of University. I got to take cognizance of the modules and the level of credits. Every module has been demarcated with its own pitfalls and rewards. Meditation took a new meaning for me after the book. So referring to Swami Ji’s first article,

I don’t want to continue sipping the distasteful instant coffee”.

You are the light that permeates my heart,
You are the bliss I find in and after meditation,
You are the clarity I feel in my speech,
You are the music I play on the sitar.
The destination has finally appeared,
Just like the sun is visible, yet far,
You are the End. I have to start the journey,
trotting, jogging, running, flying,
ultimately levitating to reach my Sun.
The path is long,
The monkey wreak havoc,
The elephant is mighty,
Your guidance is all I need,
I will eventually reach You with faith, love and surrender.
You who have appeared in my life when I almost gave up,
Succumbing to the burden of being alive,
Today I live and am grateful for being alive.
You know not how You saved me,
You know not how You did not save me only,
But transformed me,
Everyone see the change but not You who is,
The hand opening this rosebud.
Om Swami Ji, You said let time pass,
It will pass. Don’t question, no questions.
Have faith, it is all I have.
I love You, I adore You, I venerate You.

PS: I am a pathetic poet, I know🤭. But just like a bathroom singer loves his singing in a way. I couldn’t express my sentiments for my Swami Ji otherwise. ❤️

Image credits: Canva and Pixabay. 

❤️Hari Om❤️