It’s official: planet Mercury goes retrograde from May 10th to June 3rd.

What does it mean and why should you care?

Let me explain with a little *disclaimer: I am not an astrologer. I know nothing about planets. I write from personal research and experience over many years of being particularly affected by this planetary transition. 

Three times a year planet Mercury goes retrograde meaning it appears (it doesn’t physically do it, so I am told) to move in its opposite direction. Being the ruler of communication, when it moves this way it affects us humans here on planet Earth in a variety of ways, especially, 

  • communication– this can be in the form of 1) emails. Pay extra attention before pressing send for the words you took three minutes to write. Read them again. And then one more time. 2) Text messages. Do you really really want to send it? Are you expressing your thoughts in an understandable, calm way?  3) Phone calls. Take an extra breath before dialing the number. Be clear on what you wish to convey to the listener. 4) Verbal. This is not the time to start arguments or to prove your point, just because. Keep your words uncomplicated and your overall chatting sharp and focused. 
  • electronics– it might be a good idea to back up your phone and/or computer at this time. Don’t be surprised if strange glitches seem to appear out of nowhere, like texts not getting through, your data getting lost, or your printer acting up. Double check anything that has to do with technology. 
  • travel– if you can, limit your traveling during this time. Expect delays, last minute cancellations. If you are embarking on a trip make sure to have all your documents handy: maybe have a copy of each one (digital and in paper). Give yourself plenty of time go to from point A to point B. 

As everything is life, some of us are affected but this planetary transition more than others, depending on our astrological sign. If you are interested in finding out more please do not ask me, since my knowledge is certainly limited on this topic, but rather contact a reputable astrologer who can help you understand how your particular sign reacts to these times of year. 

Ok, so now what? How do you deal with the information above? 

Don’t worry, I gotcha!

Follow the list below to turn this three weeks onto a positive experience. 

  • give extra patience to yourself and others. Often this does not come easily, especially at this time. Take an extra breath or two, remind yourself that everyone is going through something we know nothing about. Sometimes being silent goes a longer way than proving a point.
  • do not sign contracts, if at all possible. You may regret  having put your signature in the dotted line after Mercury goes back in its direct form. Was there a clause or something in small writing that you missed before? 
  • do not change the color of your hair or do anything drastic to it. You may wish you didn’t after June 3rd.
  • check your emails, texts, anything you write -or say!- more than once.

Is there something positive about this period?

 Oh yes, there sure is. As the next twenty-one days unfold remember the three Rs

 1)Revise -Where are you right now in your path? Are you working toward your goals? Is there something you can improve? 

2) Reassess– Go inward. Ask yourself if you are indeed being true to yourSelf. Is there something you are missing? Avoiding on purpose because it’s easier aka less painful than dealing with it? 

3)Refocus– Where are you directing your energy? Is it utilized for the greater good of all or are you just passing time?  

And last but not least, this is the perfect time to delve deeper into your own inner work. To deepen your level of awareness, to connect to your consciousness in a shaper, sweeter, more focused way.

Ok that’s all good. How, though? 

  • meditate a little longer
  • talk to your Higher Self
  • ask to be protected and guided
  • chant an extra mantra
  • don’t take things too seriously. 

I am concluding this post with a powerful affirmation to heal the heart chakra. You may wish to keep it handy if/when you find yourself in a tough situation during Mercury retrograde, or otherwise. 

I am loved.

I give and receive love easily.

I welcome the difference of others.

It is my nature to heal.

I have so much to be grateful for.

The love I give comes back to me many many time.

I am at peace. 

Thanks for reading❤️