Vakratund Mahakaay Suryakoti Samaprabha|

Nirvighnam Kurume Deva SarvaKaaryeshu Sarvadaa||

I offer my obeisance to my Guru, Narayani!

I’m grateful that Maa gave me birth in a beautiful family where everyone is devoted to her. I’m grateful to Maa to gave me birth in her abode Himachal Pradesh. I’m grateful to Maa bless me with beautiful experiences and yes by her grace I met Swami.

Since childhood I used to do puja of Shivalingam near to my home under a peepal tree. Maybe for six or seven years it was my routine to do this. I love my Pita Shri but I’m more close to my Mata Shri (Kali). Shiva blessed me with beautiful experiences will share a dream from my childhood when I saw Shiva dancing and his Ganas. 
I didn’t met my Guru in physical form till 2020 so I always worshipped Maa, you can call her Durga Narayani Sri Mata or Matangi all seems same to me, as my Guru. My first year of college ended and I was enjoying my summer break, May 2019 – July 2019. On June 15, my Mother went to my Aunty’s home, it was my cousin’s wedding, I refused to join the because after all I was going to get a quiet space in night. So I decided to do one night sadhana.

I arranged all necessary items for my  Sadhana, instead of doing Sadhana in my Pooja Room I decided to do that in my own room. After doing all starting pujans, I was ready to meditate on Maa Kali. I sat with this sankalpa I’ll meditate on Maa’s Kalika form, but when I started I was unable to focus don’t know why. 

Let me tell you one thing, till this time I didn’t knew about Swami.

So I said ok Maa, I’m unable to focus please help me. It was her blessing that I never let my mind to imagine, I accepted Dhyanam as she wants me to know and believe me this happened to me a number of times that I saw her one particular form or a particular thing in her form and I’ll see that in someone’s story or I’ll read about that in any scripture. When you leave everything on her she guides you on each step.

And suddenly after maybe 15-20 minutes I saw my village’s temple. (Remember it’s going on in my dhyan) I offered my obeisance to Maa. As always she was smiling in her idol form. Suddenly a light came out from her and it took a form, a lady with long hairs sitting on a Tiger (it was not a lion). But her aura was so bright that I was unable to see her form all I was seeing a form in light, I can see the shape but not her face, clothes, other things. She was not eight or four or eighteen handed she was just having two hands, no trident no sword nothing. I tried my best to visualize her but her aura was as much as bright sun is. I saw she is coming out of the temple. She was coming with her tiger was walking on a pedestal way towards my home. On the way to my home from temple there comes a well, when that well came, tiger stopped, Maa got off from tiger’s back, usually we use bucket to pull out water, but this well was full to the neck, Maa washed her hands and face, tiger drank some water. Then she again sat on his back and started walking towards my home, now comes that Shivalingam under a Peepal Tree. If anyone of you have visited a village you may have seen that around a peepal tree people usually construct a place to sit, elevated. It was 4 feet high if I’m correct, tiger jumped up and Maa now got off from his back again and she offered Jal to Shivlingam, she worshipped Shiva. She this was completely out of my mind’s imagination. First she washed her hands and mouth, I wondered what she is doing, but she never do anything without a reason, she did so because she knew on the way there comes abode of Shiva. 

Now what next?

My home was just 50 meters away. I saw my home gates were already opened for her welcome. She came inside the gate, in our courtyard we have Tulsi Ji, Maa did pranama to Tulsi Ji and her tiger sat there to rest. Now something happened, as I already told you it was going on in my Dhyana, and I was unable to see Maa clearly. I heard strange voices, this was not in my dhyana. I was in my senses. I heard sound of raining out side and voices of hundreds of people discussing something outside my room, window is there. My Dhyana on Maa got distracted and I opened my eyes. It’s been one and half hour since I started dhyanam after basic pujan. Then I completed last step and went outside. And to my surprise the courtyard was dry as it was before not even a single drop of rain. It was strange experience for me. Then I slept. I had a beautiful dream of Mother Divine which I can’t share.

Maybe I was not ready at that time to see her…

Now when I listened Swami Ji and read scriptures, everything is clear to me. Uddyatbhaanu sahashrabha, I heard this name in 2020 only and I was able to relate to this.

I close my post here. I can’t write anymore.

But I’ll share a painting with you which I draw next day to that incident, I was unable to see her but just imagined her by seeing a lot of paintings of her different forms.

P.S. I’m not a good artist.

Narayani Namostute||

Pic Credits: The Shiva Tribe Facebook Page.