When Someone Misbehaves With You

A Lesson In Relationship

Often our own family members misbehave with us like strangers. Even because of small small things. They make these insignificant things an issue and create unnecessary feuds. Have you ever been a victim of such treatment? I guess this must be pretty common in families. But, you know what, these fights kill our relationships over time, especially if you are sensitive to such reactions. 

I get stunned when I see—people who live together in the same house—how much anger and hatred they harbour in their hearts against the other! Yet they are in the same house! When the equations get haywire—the very person who serves your food, washes your clothes, or does things for you, spews poison and angst! I live in such a family. Call it my fate or punishment, I get to see this contradictory treatment very often. No one has any sign of true respect or genuine care for the other. Love!—Just forget it! No way! And my silly brain wonders…what the hell is this life! Anyway.

Well, how someone behaves is not in our hands. That’s the sad part. But the good part is how we will respond is completely in our hands. Our behaviour, our words reveal what we are. So, when someone is misbehaving with you, especially someone close, there is a great possibility that you’ll get badly hurt. Because who gets hurt because of a stranger? Strangers are called ‘strangers’ because they don’t know us, right? So, if any stranger misbehaves, there’s no point in being emotionally hurt. It’s just foolishness. But, matters are different between family members and close ones. When they misbehave or mistreat us, we get emotionally bruised. Because these are emotional equations. So, not to be hurt is not at all easy. And that’s where we have to be wise. So, listen to the words of the Mr. Wise—

“When someone (doesn’t matter who) is misbehaving with you, s/he is doing her/his karma. You decide what karma you want to perform. You don’t have to correct anybody. Just learn to respond consciously, not out of any compulsive reaction. What others do is their business, they will bear their results. You be independent. Act consciously. That’s all.”

Keep these words of Mr. Wise in mind and you’ll save yourself. 

Thank you.
Image Credit: istockphoto