This about myself. I have grown-up in family that is religious. So, from childhood we have grown up listening to religious stories. My mother and father used to get up in the early morning and used to go to temple during sanvaan month. Me and my brother used to go along with them. So,interest about religious developed in me too. I started doing fast every shivratri , during sanvaan month , during maata’s navratri without any question that what is the exact reason why we do fasting, as everyone around me did the same. But when I entered the college I met different people with different religions. When I used to do fasting during the college time in hostel my batchmates asked why I do fasting ,why you don’t eat anything during whole day I didn’t have any answers at that time and I also started learning that one shouldn’t stay empty stomach for whole day as it decreases once immunity and one can easily catch disease. My beliefs about my practice of fasting because of not able to find the proper answey why we do fasting got blurred. So my practice of fasting did break. I stopped doing fast.

But I really wanted to know the exact reason why we should practice it. I got my answer.

Practice of fasting increases once will power.

One can save energy that is going to be used for digestive purpose and can use it for other good work like meditation and for study.

This detoxify body too.

At that time I shouldn’t have let weakened my beliefs about my religious practices as these are rituals that keep us grounded until we achieve ultimate aim .