Hello everyone!

ZAZ this side,

Today I got the chance of writing here, so lets interract and share things together.

      As of we all know that when we become grown up we forget the values which life taught to us or in other words we can say the moral values which teacher use to teach us!

 We have forgotten to react we have forgotten to behave, we have lost the art of expression even have lost the paitence to here some one.

        We have become so unethical that no more time to even analysis our self, a plant cant breathe in air for a long while. We all are today now roots out of soil.

Not like that we going to be a person or we can say not in this manner we going to save a forest full of lives.

  •      Lets we all think and take a break to identify that at which point we all have came out from the soil .

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