All the worldly positions, money, society, relationships and what not… sometimes I think all these are just toys of this world and most people are happy changing toys frequently.

The more I think about this, the more I am affirmed that this world is an intoxicant. Running after somewhere, someone, something. And when you get there either you want to keep it permanently or you want the next iteration of it or start chasing the next thing.

But maybe the world needs to be like that for all the humans to survive. I might not like Bollywood but that’s exactly what keeps millions of people alive. From DOP to all the crew, not to forget all the people that feel happy when they watch movies, listen songs and the feelings they get when they perform those actions. This again triggers the urge to watch another movie or listen to a new track and experience the feeling of the song.

But that’s not what exactly this life is for. It’s like buying an iPhone 12 Pro Max and playing Mario on it. Ofcourse iPhone can do that but that’s not the best use of it. The best use also differs from person to person though.

All worldly relationships, assets, stock markets cannot satiate the thirst for truth. 

The truth which is the basis of our existence. Without knowing which the whole life can be viewed as just experiencing the warmth of the sun but never looking at the glorious sunrise which is the basis of all warmth and life.



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