After  reading Three Kinds Of People ,i got really scared. My heart pounded. Why ,because honestly  i am not coming under these three kinds of people. The first category are really the blessed souls  who are very dear to You. I do not fit here.neither i stay in ashram nor I fit in that extreme devotion. Why because in my latest stage I only miss you ,sometimes very much ,sometimes less…Yes I do care about Your health but most of the time You are not a human to me. YOU ARE BEYOND THAT WIND, YOU ARE BEYOND THAT OCEAN ,YOU ARE BEYOND THAT SKY ,YOU ARE BEYOND EVERYTHING.. For me seriously i feel sometimes YOU are a superman or an alien.  SOMEONE WHO IS COMPLETE.YOU ARE THAT COMPLETE. I know that since You have taken a form of human You have a heart which is full of compassion and love for all.Remember what I said you in our last meeting! You only smiled after reading it .Like You always do. But truth is that now when  You are there in my life I can not reverse back.

Without You nothing will be fitting in,  .You know that I do not fit in this world no matter how I live or look. I am not matured, I am not intelligent  enough for this world. I am a fool with full of flaws. So I can not think of loosing You.You will save me one day from this pain and afflictions. I know.But how and when that I do not where I am heading now!I got emotional again and diverted from the topic.

I do not come in the second category. As for me You are perfect, whatever You will be doing in Your life or are doing  all are perfect. No questions…You are not restricted to a simple monk. YOU ARE BEYOND .YOU ARE THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS. And last but not least,I also do not fit in the third category. I am blessed to see You and found You  or You found me..It is all miracle to me.The idea of YOU or  the image   of YOU  ,whatever it may be it is bliss. It is godly. I sometimes think if I can see krishna or Shiva form they will be like You.

Your last sentences are like nectar to many of us.You are inviting us to spread our wings and take the journey..Please do not invite rather take us,take me…with YOU.Because as I said i am full of flaws.Desires or those seven deadly sins may catch hold of me life long.I might not be able to fight with them as i am weak. So in that case please use YOUR BRAHMASHTRA and take me in that journey.

one of your child….Where i or we kind of belong to..... 2


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