” Where is God? ”
This question may take different tones… When a child asks this question, the child is really curious to know to whom are all these people paying their obeisance to? A child is clueless of the concept called Religion or God. When parents respond with their concepts, though not completely convinced, a child accepts the concept…
The same question arises when one is striving hard to succeed in an exam, to get a partner, to get a job… There arises so much of strength to do all the rituals and visit pilgrimages. He even starts bribing his God.. oh man, the blood is really young enough, bubbling with energy, strong enough to believe God would submit to his bribery!
Yet Where is God!! It doesnt stop… the question takes up a new turn. Now, the curiosity has vanished, the bubbling energies have settled, the lessons of life have pushed one to an extent that he is desperate and angry at life too…. “Where the hell is God”!!!

A day before, my stomach was burning for its food. I had to drive a little for my morning breakfast. On my way to the restaurant, i came across a lady, in her early 60’s sitting on the roadside platform. I didnt see her begging. But definitely she had no other means for survival than begging. I couldnt get her picture clearly as it took only a very few seconds to cross her. The same day i saw her during my lunch as well as dinner… From the morning she was seated there. She just had a couple of plastic sheets upon which she sat. I understood she had no home. i couldnt resist but stop my vehicle after dinner and moved closer to her to give some money. Closer and closer, i saw her opening up the dinner parcel of fresh idlies. It was such a relief for me to see her eating good food than any stale ones. I donno why i felt so good to see her eating good food. I went more closer and stretched out some money. She did not take it.. I was little frightened because i had a doubt if she had lost her mind. However i understood, she didnt know that I was giving her the money.. I spoke, ‘ Ma, please have’.. She raised up her head, I saw she had cataract in her eyes and she had already lost her vision.. She asked me, what are you giving. This is some money, i said and she stretched her hands. She dint know where to stretch. i kept the money in her hand. She asked me how much..She really didnt know how much i gave as her vision was lost. Replying to her, i saw she neither showed happiness nor sorrow. There was no reaction from her and I was happy for it.. I was about to take leave from her,… had already taken few steps. She called me, ‘Ma.. ( She was yet to start her dinner), …Have you taken your dinner??’!! I was in tears…
Where else could we search for God? Having mobile phones (and what not!)to entertain ourselves from the time we wake up and using the same mobile before going to bed, complaining the govt, unsatisfied with work, expecting love from all relations, judging all others and ourselves as well… come on… we are all given with a roof and food and what not… The one who is not having any of these, no health, no dwelling place, no assured food, not sure if her body would even be cremated properly… but the thought of asking someone if their stomach is filled, the thought of thinking about others in the midst of poverties verge, is definitely Godly….

The question of Where is God would surely end if one arrives at another question, ” Where is NOT God?’… But both the questions strangely have a single definite answer, NowHere.

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