What defines me?
 Is it what I do? Or what I like to do?
 Or may be something I don’t like to do?
Is it what I am good at? Or is that what I am bad at?
Is it what I look like? Or is it what I am looking for?
What actually defines ME?
Is it something I am incomplete without?
Or Is that something what I complete?
What I am?
Or should I change my question to ‘Why am I’?
Finding the purpose of life is actually a tough job. Because it takes time to dive deep inside the ocean of thoughts, opinions, traits etc. 
Is it really worth to find a purpose of life? Or thinking on this is going to waste time?
The purpose..
Should it be measurable? Tangible? Doable? To satisfy myself eventually?
Or should it be non-measurable? Intangible? Impossible?
Is there any sense to have impossible objective? Well, isn’t that making me human as I can imagine the ‘impossible’?!
Having impossible objective might make me unstoppable! And allow myself to experience miracles if I accomplish those!
I should have more than one purpose, some tangible, some intangible.
Some possible, some impossible!

Is the purpose gonna define Me?
How do I define myself?
Description usually starts with my ‘name’ first! Name indicates what I represent!

Myself? then.. My family? then.. My society? My Nation? Continent?
Race? Caste? Religion? Language?
Humans? Earth?… and so on!

Different categories like these are actually the reason of all the differences in the world.
But this also makes me a unique creature of this world!
You may find all the answers, you may get a new question paper with time!
One thing is for sure..

The feeling of ‘existence’.. least-cum-permanent reason to celebrate!