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Tell me, O Lord, who am I ?
I am not my body, nor am I my name
I am not even the clouds that break down as rain
I am not my family, nor am I my friend
I am not even the strangers I meet in the end
Tell me, O Lord, who am I ?
I am not my mind, nor am I my heart
I am not even the maker of this art
I am not my success, nor am I my failure,
I am not even the dualities that seem to exist here
Tell me, O Lord, who am I ?
I am not my senses, nor am I my breath
I am not even the one who suffers from this wrath
I am not my thought, nor am I my emotion
I am not even my desire and my action
Tell me, O Lord, who am I ?
I am not anything that I have ever known
I am not even nothing that I have ever known
I really want to know who exactly am I
And everything beyond this ‘what’ and ‘why’
Tell me, O Lord, who am I ?


PS – Dear Readers,

I have received many beautiful comments on some of my poems. I really feel honoured and glad at the same time that my poems are being appreciated so beautifully. And all thanks to Swami ji, for bestowing this wonderful platform to all of us.

In-fact, I never thought that my spiritual and devotional poems are even readable. I feel so joyful to be read, and understood here. I feel warm here. I believe that its all Swamiji’s grace. Because I have never been appreciated so wonderfully before for my spiritual poems. These beautiful tokens of compliments fill me with immense happiness and contentment. I am extremely sorry that I am not able to reply to any of you, as I haven’t upgraded my profile. So I don’t have access to read or reply to any of the comments. But I have received a copy of some of the comments in my mails.

I am really grateful to all the wonderful readers who have appreciated my poetry and showered their love, wishes and blessings. It really means a lot to me. It’s one of the greatest treasures for any writer, I feel.

Thank you everyone and thank you Swami ji for your blessings and grace.

Stay safe & stay well.

Love and wishes.