Hey my precious readers, today I wanna share with you all a very funny yet thought provoking incident of my life. This incident happened when I was far away from the beginning of my spiritual journey. It was May 9th, 2006,my second birthday with my in-laws family. My mother-in-law gifted me a seven days long basic course of a spiritual organization as she and her sister were also going to attend it. I started going with her in the evening. I enjoyed yogic practices and lecture sessions. Then one fine day the instructor gave us some instructions regarding a practical procedure and the instructions were:-

We had to group ourselves with one unknown person (non-relative) from the attendees. For the first five minutes one person will ask the question ‘Who are you?’ repeatedly to which the other person will reply each time with a different answer. After five minutes the roles will be interchanged i.e. the one first replying will now ask and the other one will reply. So, all participants started choosing a non-relative partner. After five-ten minutes all were settled in the hall with partners facing each other. I got a lady who was in her forties as my partner. We decided that I will first ask the question. All other groups adjoining us were having a nice chat with each other but my wise partner just sat as if doing some sadhna with her eyes closed. I asked “Who are you?” No reply. I asked louder, “Who are you? Tum kaun ho?” Just to get no answer. When I asked fourth time a bit louder “Who are you?”, there came this cryptic reply “Mein Aatmaa hoooon” with her deep low pitch sound  echoing in the hall! I was just baffled upon getting this reply and couldn’t believe my ears so I asked again “Who are you?” and she gave the same reply in the same tone “Mein Aatmaaa hoooooon”. I was now laughing my head off🤣🤣 and other groups adjoining us were also laughing at my dilemma. Somehow I asked the same question for full five minutes just to get the same reply. I didn’t take time to understand as to why the lady was behaving this way. Actually she was repeating the course, so she knew in advance that the whole purpose of that procedure was to arise this same question “Who am I?” in each participants mind and which will lead to the answer that we all are souls. So that innocent lady was proudly declaring herself as a soul! 

When she asked me “Who are you?”.

I replied “See I know that I am a soul, but in this birth I am Meena Sharma, daughter of….., wife of……, mother of……, working as……. And I have to perform all these duties with utter devotion and love ❤.”

She asked with double innocence on her face “Aap itne clear ho apne baare mein?”

I said yes I am that much clear about my identity and about my duties🙏😊