Phillips mam was our English teacher in class 11 th ! With no arts section in our school she was the only teacher for Senior students of 11 th and 12th of all 3 streams Commerce, non medical and biology students! With a height of 5ft 5 inches bobbed hair a nylon saree tied properly and a big black leather bag( infact when we still buy a big purse in our family we say teachero waala purse ,the big black one). Infact with her authoritative tone and walk Mrs Phillip looked like Vinni Mandella! Her voice was not like the nightingale Lata mangeshkar but heavy like Rani Mukherjee/ Sunidhi Chauhan. Very good at explaining us the Solitary reaper and Christian Barnard s stories and the Novel To Sir with love.With my spellings,punctuations and para graph skill as the community is aware what a Favouritest student must I have been! Strawberry 🍓 of her eyes! May be because 11th and 12th were a floor away  Phillips mam usually came to class always  10 minutes late! For an extremely disciplined and docile quiet student like me it was the most lovely time to wait for mam! The padaaakoo lot use to start reading the lessons to be done or did last day or do pending work but the Sincere like me actually turned the class to a Fish 🐟 market,roaming around at each desk and collecting pan caps from each class mate to increase the blazer pocket exhibition and look sooper Kewl( bindaas/ jhakaas, in tashann). Think about it  if it was the last ( 8th) period of school as English and a tired ND hungry mam who has to go back and then maybe cook for her family too after picking 50 copies of students to check,comes to a class seeing kids ( 17 year olds) running around, chatting or making groups and throwing paper balls on each other! Some one giggling and other one falling! What do we expect but the teacher who has become from a juicy fresh lemon 🍋 in morning to a squeezed one? On one such occasion when whole class was noisy ,indisciplined and in riot Phillips mam came and screamed 😱 all of you stand near you seats and write in your copies 100 times ” Why am I bad?” To me seeing with an exhibition of 20 pen caps in blazer pocket she said” Worse than boys,go stand outside the class.” I was having a very small bruise from some table which I pointed to on my knee saying mam I have medical advice to be on rest! What a naughty girl was me( I still am only my Guru now knows how to handle me) ! Mrs Phillips herself pulled a chair out of the class door and screamed with her lungs 🫁 😳 out now sit on this Maddam Sharma! I sat there as a queen while the whole class was writing their Punishment! To end I would like to mention the most Sweet  intelligent and innocent 👦 boy of our class as punishment wrote 100 times ” I am not bad.”