Life was full of problems,

And meaningless and shallow,

Every moment a struggle,

Is this what all meant?


Self-defeating thoughts,

Self-defeating emotions,

Self-defeating actions,

Self-defeating compulsions,

Self-defeating tendencies.


I was ready fighting,

But friendship or foe,

Their company accompanied.


Then I turned creative,

The attention shifted,

And boom!

Where those problems went?

Did they even exist?

Was it self-created?


No time for problems.

Life meaningful and deep,

Every moment a joy,

And the flowers showered,

Aroma arose,

Gushes of Himalayan stream,

A creative life,

Worth living.


And that is my unusual recommendation to you: pick a problem much bigger than the biggest problem you have right now. All your existing issues will dwarf in front of the new big problem. This is the insight: whatever problem is there in your life, make it insignificant by taking on a bigger one. And, there’s great joy and a sense of triumph in solving problems that we voluntarily choose. They impart much greater learning than those problems that just fall into our lap. For the simple reason, we are more open to learning when we choose our problems. If they are inevitable, why not pick one then?

~Om Swami, An Insignificant Problem



Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels



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