Firstly , I would like to apologise if somebody won’t like this post however I hope everyone will take this in a positive way because I don’t want to hurt someone’s sentiments.

Some beautiful lines from our Swamiji’s book I have written to start ….

“We can change our habits . We need not be at the mercy of thoughts like ‘ that’s just my personality ‘ or ‘ it’s in my genes so there’s nothing I can do about it’.
Negative habits can be replaced with positive ones , selfish ones with kind ones , suspicion with trust , hostility with empathy and complaints with gratitude.”

Like wise , There are a lot of things which can be done instead of smoking.

Posting this in a hope that at least some people will stop smoking after reading this.

While watching some videos today I went in the deep string of thoughts…I really don’t understand why do people drink and smoke….

Some people think that it looks cool when they either smoke or drink

You can’t convince someone to quit smoking or drinking.The decision should come from inside of one’s self.Whatever is the situation , good or bad , a fight at workspace or home , a celebration or get – together , a boring wait or a hectic day. 

Smoking and drinking will give you  happiness for a minute but what about the rest of your life?
If you will find out there are a lot of things which you can do while doing celebration or at any situation which can make u feel better. Spend time with your family is the best solution.Please do remember your family who has taken a lot of efforts for you before taking a single Puff of it .

As at start you may feel good while smoking or drinking to celebrate something or to get rid from frustrations however eventually this will become your habit and this will not only hurt you but will hurt your family as well.

So , please stop smoking and drinking..🙏

If you can’t think for yourself then atleast think for your Family.Just think wonderful , beautiful thoughts . They will lift you off the ground and send you soaring into the air .

Always think positive .