I was scrolling down the contact is my phone and was surprised to find that there are more than 1500 numbers on my list. And when I see the titles on the phone, there are only 26 numbers which I call regularly and out of those 26, only 15 would be the ones that are close to me, or I think they are close to me. Moving ahead found that my WhatsApp group has more than 30 groups, and out of those 30, only three would be in which I may be active.

A question popped in my head, and I was forced to ask why we connect to so many people in our lives. In our lifetime, we meet over 20000 people and share a moment of love, care, affection, hate, anger, lust, ego, or whatever it may be.

The profession, the life you live can change this number and its effects. Every time you meet someone, there is a sense of attachment and detachment with the person. Some are there with you for a lifetime, and some for just a moment. But have you have thought, why is it so that we connect to a few only and why don’t we feel the same to everyone. It is said that people come and go some:

Lessons are learned, and

Some memories are made.


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