When I was around 8-9 years old. I always used to visit temples in festivals in my town.

There was a Ram Temple in my town, that used to be decorated very beautifully at every Ramnavami. 

Every year I used to visit that temple alone on Ramnavami. 

At the temple after praying there used to be distributed Prasada by many devotees. 

Like all other people I tried to take Prasada after praying and while I was trying to do so, a person from backside hit a stick very hard at my lower back. 

Before I could understand anything, he hit me 4-5 stick. Then he shouted 

“Bar bar prasad khane aa jata h, Bhikari kahi ka”

(Again and again come to eat Prasada, begger) 

I went home, crying very hard. But before reaching home, I somehow tried not to cry because I didn’t want to tell anyone what happened with me. 

It was true that there were some kids who try to take Prasada many times. But it was not me. 

And I believe even a kid who’s trying to take Prasada more than once doesn’t deserve to be beaten like this. 

That incident made a big impression on me.

After that I stopped taking Prasada because it always reminded me that incident. 

I’m 25 now but I still follow the same philosophy. 

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