Blog – why is night conducive ?
As you know that we are the product of this planet , there are three type of people -Yogi , Rogi and Bhogi , they are not sleeping in night . Night is meant for sleeping, there is darkness in our surroundings which is mapped by brain .There is vision apparatus in our visual cortex of brain which distinct the things in light and in darkness and if  everything is mixed then  we can not distinct it , for darkness and light, our brain faculty  is responsible to differentiate it .It is natural phenomena that we would sleep  in night only not in day time . this cycle is inherited from the embryo of mother . 
Our human brain has a most complicated engineering recently evolved the higher level and developed , that is why all valuable research had been done fantastically. In the human body and mammals , there is no other difference except the brain , Therefore , it is important to enhance the brain Faculty instead any other part of body . Our brain  wt is  1400 gms. and it takes 25% of 5 litres of blood supply per minute so that  brain gets high quality of Oxygen and Sugar , Oxygen burns the sugar in our  blood supply and brain gets emery to do its functions efficiently .