Obeisance to Swamiji.

Obeisance to Divine Souls in all.

Frequently I find some people, younger generation in particular, talking about spirituality in a sense of career-building, or business start-up. ‘What shall I achieve by doing this?’, or ‘What shall I gain out of this project?’, are part of their preliminary questionnaire within.

I wish to address this genuine concern of theirs (though I avoid explaining this topic in person, due to being least knowledge; and due to avoiding counter-logics).

So, what I feel is, to the best of my knowledge, Spirituality is not at all about achieving or gaining something.

Rather it means losing.

Losing the prime attribute of each being, ego. Losing attachment. Losing greed to hoard materials. Losing anger. Losing sense of social prestige, more of financial richness. Losing to the extent of finding originality. Losing every bit of accumulated reasoning that disconnects ourselves from the entire Creation. Rather, losing every bit of ‘weight’, that we accumulate since our existence, more particularly psychological, emotional, mental, physical or even physiological.

And while walking onto this path, our inner-self gets lighter and much lighter, as to fly, as high as possible; gets sensible and more sensible, as to mingle with each and every Creation. Be it Creation or Creator, no difference (I have purposefully capitalised ‘C’ in both words, Creation and Creator, as to emphatically equalising the both). A sense of ‘oneness’ develops, since we are the Universe, originally. 

Let’s say, a diamond, full of mud and dust around, looks like a useless or valueless object. The moment it’s layer of mud or dust is removed, it shines. Not a miracle.

I find, those who are in the sync of Nature are ‘Sur’ (gods) and ‘Asur’ (demons) the vice versa.

Based on my (very limited, least and meager) experiences under the kind patronage of Swami-Ji, I feel like saying that developing consciousness is an ongoing process, for the life-time, or maybe beyond. Nothing like achieving and then sitting idle.

I beg pardon if I have spoken more than my height. I expect guidance from each reader of this post.

Jay Shree Hari.