I suppose I
understand why the
heart leans a
certain way. There
is a lot 
it holds within,
much of which, 
it could do
without, like cheap
souvenirs from the
past and trinkety
promises of the
future, that are
nothing but junks, 
tied down by 
them dead-weights, 
hope and fear, 
which hurt and 
scar,and in 
doing so, tap
into a hidden 
stream of strength 
that is wont 
to gush from 
the point of 
pain, to steadily 
evolve into a 
mighty river of 
courage, that courses 
through the veins 
flooding them with 
gratitude and bending 
the heart to
let it see 



**I pay my infinite obeisance at the feet of the Mother Divine and Sri Hari, by whose    
   grace I find home at the  feet of My Master. This is a tribute to this Trimurti- that
   brings me “Home” every time I am lost.
**My many gratitudes to you, Oh! Dear Reader!- You bless my heart with such
   immense joy by reading what I write. It is an honour to be blessed with a gift of
   your time and patience.