Jai Shri Hari and dandavat pranam at Swamiji’s lotus feet.

Our son Sahil has played the below tribute to our beloved Swamiji.

In the first part of my depression tragedy which I wrote, I am just amazed at the response and support that I received. I feel really blessed to join this os family.

The family nurtured this troubled soul. The family prayed for us. My emotions are knowing no bounds. That, I am not alone and this family is the most dependable one, has instilled a new confidence in me.

It is not that my problems have vanished, but I feel belongingness to this great family of devine souls. I have gained confidence that I have a solid support system with Dear Swamiji at the helm. My heartfelt gratitude to this great family’s members for praying n showering their unconditional blessings and love on me.

I can feel the positive vibes, slowly making its way into my mind and heart. Oh great souls, please do continue the blessings to completely destroy the darkness and lift me on my feet.

Catching hold of our dearest Swamiji’s powerful and affectionate hand, I am trying to take baby steps towards my liberation. The fighter in me has rekindled. Yes, I have failed, but not defeated. Yes, I am down but not out. Yes, I have bent, but not broken. Yes, I am disturbed, but not destroyed.

Words fail to express my gratitude to the lovely Editor, who has mentioned specific shout out for me in the beautiful editorial.
I am really inspired and trying to be a better version of me slowly over the time. The process of evolution has started with Swamiji’s blessings n hugs from the beautiful family.

My deepest gratitude to one and all.

Jai Shri Hari and dearest Swamiji