We have all read Swami’s post on the loss of his father and how gracefully Swami dealt with it. We were at the Ashram during Christmas, and he blessed and initiated so many people.


I struggled to figure out how to express my love and gratitude to my Swami.

The only thought I had was of Shivpreet’s Singh’s bhajan.

“What kind of lamp can I light for the one who lit the sky with stars? Oh, Nanak, light the lamp within.”

The answer came like a flash. Let’s all meditate at one particular time and pray to Mother Divine to shower her energy on Swami. Swami is the divine, but he wears a mortal dress, which also needs periodic care. I hope mother will transmit all our love and care to our beloved Swami and tell him how much his children care for him.

Will you join me in praying for swami? 2

Details: Monday 7th February: Time 7 AM to 7:15 AM IST.

Action: Simply meditate on mother divine in whatever form you like, showering her love and grace of Swami. Focus on mother’s divine light completely covering Swami.

I wanted to share because I know many of us feel helpless as we see our Guru pour his life into making his children and Sanatana Dharma prosper. I thought this would help us channel our energies at the same time.

Disclaimer: Just want to add that this is simply a volunteer initiative. The ashram or the BL Team is not involved. Just our way of praying for our Swami.

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