The events like our birth on this planet, death, different lifetimes are quiet fascinating to know. It isn’t a threat to be enlightened on these things.

We must have perhaps come here to undergo and face the consequences for the mammoth mischief we might have done in our prior lifetimes. And yes, we  certainly can’t skip these punishments nor can we substitute our places with someone else to bear the price. As we can’t alter our punishment but can refine our minds to face it. We should trust that God is with us and will help us to face this in a heroic way and will vanish our fears that reside in our mind.

And what about life after death?  should we believe in it? As we don’t know, where we will go after our death unless we are dead. And one day an interesting and thought-provoking conversation happened correlating to this topic between my brother and his neighbor friend.

The window ledge is the place nominated for their idle chats on unique topics. Every day they discuss something new in loud voices that is quiet audible to the people living in the building. Their discussions have made them a celebrity in the society complex.

The topic today was actually a debate regarding spirituality and celestial affairs. Both had consolidated information on this in their minds. As the conversation progressed my brother said, “we come on this planet and suffer for the actions that we have done in our past lives. We had done sins in our prior janams. And one day when it is all cleared, we will go back to the place from where we came. That is: We will all, one day die”

His friend was upset and proclaimed “ I will always remain on earth, I will not die. Everybody will die but I will not die. I will also not become old”

“You can’t be here permanently ; once the work is done we have to go back” replied my nine year old brother. Samridh was explaining to him in a sweet voice. But his friend was not ready to listen.

Then their conversation became a little aggressive his friend started howling to defeat him in the argument. Now both were turning hostile.

He was saying “ No,  I will live forever, I will live forever”. And now there was a turbulence.  Finally hearing their perennial argument, I went to the window to bring them to a halt but I was immensely stunned to spot several heads lurking and chuckling from the flats above us, while getting entertained through this conversation.

Now his friend’s confidence was getting fragile and breaking up to pieces. Samridh realized that his friend’s bomb would soon blast. And this bomb was the loud cry which makes my brother mute. But this time the bomb was a frightened bomb; as his friend was in a  trauma that one day he will be old and one day he will die.  He went running inside to his mother. After sometime he was back at the window quiet relieved and in high spirits.

He said “my mom told me that even if I die I will still be alive in heaven”.

She was right ‘Even if our body perishes; our soul is always immortal”.

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