I was a bit sad and a bit angry too on myself for spending time on some random lines from Sushree Diya’s post ‘How wisdom is acquired” and trying to extract meaning from them.
I am a very gullible soul and take things at face value.
Once when one of my friends told a fake story, which I believed. When I came to know it was fake, I told her, You are not getting any points there for pranking me, You! Go try find some smart people and feel happy if they get trapped.
Thankfully, no one threw serious pranks on me so far.

Now I am not able to empty my mind of these random lines (because I have put in some intense moments into it 😊) and was struggling to find a way.
At last, I got frustrated and entered the kitchen and found a saucepan.
Many were there, I selected one.
Unlike Pratik, I don’t have to smuggle, I am the owner of my kitchen😊😊
With the saucepan in hand, I contemplated, whether to hit the saucepan or hit myself with it?
And how many times?
Should I close the door and do this or not?
What my family’s reaction would be with either of the actions?
Got the vision- My mother would faint, husband would freeze, girls would cry and father-in-law would stand there amazed, amused and confused.
I had to make a choice.
I think God wanted to be extra kind to me today.
Before I performed the act of hitting (either the saucepan or myself) wisdom did dawn as follows!
1. Random sentence generator can give some competition to Pablo Neruda! ( A great poet)
If you are interested, Google and read this poem by him called “Slow Lament” as a sample to his amazing poetry.
2.Just go and write what you understood from these random lines and then get your mind empty.

Wonderful pieces of wisdom! Aren’t they?

So here I go! Since it is only random sentence generator, there is no copy right issue Mind you!😁😁

All the lines till now are dedicated to Pratik 😊😊

If you are wondering why, please click


Also mind you, the following is a serious piece of poetry, with proper meaning, but deliberately kept most of the original “random generator” sentences intact [because these lines are the refined form of the connections my brain made when I read the poem]and hence may not be very rhythmic.
This is about a young mother trying to take some tough decisions and fighting her own thoughts and memories.

How Wisdom was acquired

She had a tint of craziness in her soul that made her believe
That she could make a difference to her own life.
All she wanted was the answer,
Whether to go ahead or not.
But she had no idea how much she would hate it.
Anyway, no one was there to respond or guide.
Heart said Go ahead, mind warned and said wait.
In the grand vehicle of life,
Two seats were vacant, and were so inviting.
She obviously didn’t heed the warning.
Initially it had turned out surprisingly well.
She was happy with the strength of her will.
She decided that time has come to be stronger
than the excuses she had used till then, but wouldn’t , any longer.
When she closed her eyes and saw her son’s innocent smile,
She felt as if he quipped “ Be strong mom, Just let go,
Those power bars that people consume, are nothing more
Than adult candy bars, that feed their ego”.
But very soon she realized,
that she is too frail to protect herself and also her son
It is just like landing straight in a burning sauce pan.
And she started to feel that the light of her life,
and the responsibility that comes and the strife,
is a fire burning around her
inching closer and closer,
but inside her heart, she is very cold
and waited for the shower to warm, as her tears rolled.
She imagined a lovely waterfall and noticed that she could hear
The water quench the flames around her
and could change the temperature of the fire
to a comfortable warmth,
Just like the mother ocean lovingly hugged
when a three-year-old ran down the beach
as the kite flew behind her.
But in reality, there is no waterfall or ocean to embrace her and her son
All she has to do is run
from the thoughts and memories
of those ego fed beings.
She wanted to free her mind,
from these piercing thoughts and haunting memories.
She did put a brave face and said in a firm voice
“Please wait outside of the house”
but hid under the bed of her life, with the blanket of her faith covering her
Still with a burning saucepan of thoughts on her head.
Wisdom was then suddenly acquired,
that she needs the kind hands of her angel,
To lift her and carry her life forward,
Into that kingdom of bliss
Where there is nothing to worry or miss.