Wisdom tidbit: obedience 2

Many cultures encourage the notion of surrender. In short, it’s a powerful technique to control our ego, channelize our minds, and build acceptance.

In the eastern world, countless people submit to gurus. A selfless guru gradually guides them to surrender to Nature or the Divine. Yet, there’s a flip side to this. Submitting to a conman is equivalent to bringing about our doomsday!

Also, be it to Nature, the Divine, or a genuine guru, how we surrender matters a great deal as well. We can classify the ‘how’ into two: faith and blind faith.

  • In blind faith, we suppress our inner voice. We expect miraculous transformations without putting in any effort. Paraphrasing the Buddha, when a guru points to the moon, we can’t focus on his finger! There’s no self-discovery here.
  • Faith, on the other hand, denotes following our heart while using the head. Rather than behaving like herds flocking their leader, we strive to learn and discover ourselves. Still, we trust that we’ll receive support if we falter.

In all, surrender can be advantageous. But, if we pursue it incorrectly or surrender to a conman, perhaps, even the Divine can’t save us!

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Note: This is the wisdom tidbit for a comic posted on Feb 3rd.

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