Many of us have often heard that Life itself is a greatest teacher of all. However, if we try getting into the depth of these few words, one cannot ignore the role of different individuals, events or experiences that contribute in making life your greatest teacher. And when we talk of individuals, they play the part of shaping your life in so many different ways.

In the early days of life, a child looks up to his/her parents or school teachers as role models while they take baby steps into exploring and adapting to life with full enthusiasm. As we age and go through the different phases of adulthood and old age, we often find ourselves caught up in the complex intricacies and responsibilities of life. We forget that we once while learning to take baby steps in life, soaked and welcomed every hardship or challenge  life threw at us with complete zeal and confidence. Eventually, some of us at one point or the other start questioning the very meaning or purpose of life. In such moments we wish for somebody to hold our hand and guide us through life once again.

A guru is that one divine soul whose presence in our lives revives the very lost enthusiasm to lead life more meaningfully, more spiritually. This dispeller of darkness ‘Guru’ as described in ancient scriptures serves as the greatest inspirational source to help their disciples understand the true meaning of life. Traditionally, parents, teachers, family or friends might serve the role of being a guru to guide you in life. However, while serving as gurus, due to their own limitations of playing different social roles in our lives they often feel challenged and restrained to their own conditioned minds. As a result, a seeker of truthful and meaningful life sometimes feels confused or lost in their guidance. This is when a disciple goes looking for someone who can guide you break the boundaries of his/her conditioned mind and show you the path to leading a spiritual and blissful life.

With these thoughts in mind, I often wondered about the experience of having such a divine soul in my life. And today, with the blessings of almighty, I have found my guru – his gracious-  Om Swami ji :). With immense respect and love in my heart I thought of dedicating my first post on to beloved Swami ji :). I find myself falling short of words when describing the significance of his presence in my life. Through his writings, videos, books I continue to find answers to many questions in life. He has come as this shining hope of light filled with immense love and compassion in his heart for all those who seek moments of bliss and guidance in life. With his presence, I also got introduced to an extended version of my family in the form of- ‘the family’. Every time I visit this virtual/online family,  I experience a childlike wonder-of being in awe at this magnificent universe. I see different shades and forms of  teachings and learnings through the beautiful writings of family members. And once again, it makes me realize and feel blessed to have such a Guru in my life, who through his experiences and wisdom inspires us all to make this world a better place.

On the occasion of Guru Purnima, I offer my obeisance to Sri Om Swamiji 🙏 and cannot thank you enough to show us the path of enlightenment through your teachings on compassion, kindness, empathy, humility and love .

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to members for making this platform my happy space 😊

Keep Smiling 😊❤