‘’ Champions keep playing until they it right’’ – Billie Jean King

From well-known authors to newbie bloggers osdotme is blessed by an abundance of women writers. These are women of great wisdom and experience from India and around the world. Among us are Monks, authors, poets, professionals, and homemakers. Reading them can recharge our lives and fill us with grit and gratitude. Here at osdotme, we express our views without the fear of getting judged or trolled. We are all Swamiji’s children and this is our playground. I am bringing to you a list of selected blogs posted by these talented women writers of our community in January in my ’Being a woman ‘ and ’Food ‘ sections.

There are numerous posts in poems, a slice of life, Philosophy, books, divinity, anecdotes, fiction, and a lot more. Selecting a few of them is the toughest of tasks as I loved each one of them.

January began with Nikunj’s inspiring guest editorial, with the hashtag #bebettermewithosdotme for a better new year with a vision board for the entire 2023. Many of us joined the ‘be better me ‘project and made our vision boards which are going to help us overcome procrastination and achieve our goals for a better New year. The vision boards are also a great tool in self-help for sticking to the New year resolutions religiously. As I write this, I have already posted four blogs completing the writing goals for Jan, from my vision board.

Read Nikunj’s inspiring Guest Editorial ‘Be Better Me With Os.me ‘    here :

 Renowned Author and Poet, Sadhvi Vrinda has enriched our lives with many poems in Jan. Her poems are a bridge that connects us to the Divine from our mundane lives. While reading her poems the outside world dims and we see the magic of her inner world nestled in devotion and love at The Badrika Ashram and Temple of Beloved Sri Hari with Giri Ganga flowing in the background. These poems are mystical and embodiment of love.

Read Sadhviji’s poem ‘’  A child’s Heart  ‘’   here :

Enjoy this rare and enthralling poem of devotion shared by Sadhvi  Nishtha Om.

Tears and laughter, like sunshine in rain. Thank you Sadhviji for sharing such a lovely poem with us.

Read Sadhvi ji’s poem here :

I sat back in awe while reading this enchanting poem  ‘’ Ma Ke Saath   ‘’’ by Kirtee om. Light, breezy and etheral!

Check it out here:

Hats off to our dearest Merry Monk Sushree Diya Om for penning her life experiences with grit and courage in the series ‘’Confessions Of A Merry Monk     ‘’ in the section ‘being a woman’. 

She is one of the most popular and highly-read bloggers here.  Readers stick to her with love and prayers while she is putting down her painful memories in words.  Her blogs keep us hooked and clueless as to what is going to happen in the next episode. Her story makes me sometimes think why there was no rhyme and reason for the endless suffering of a young woman barely in her twenties. Or, is it staged by something greater in the big scheme of things?  So much more strength you Diya ji. Let it flow.

Here is a pick from Diya ji’s series  this month  ‘Slip Slip Stroke ‘ 

No matter what we are thinking, Universe is always eavesdropping, 

check out Prarthi Dholakia’s interesting post   ‘’  The Universe is eavesdropping    ‘’  here :

Check out  Dr. Jayashree Om ‘s expert Vastu tips on how to maintain the Brahmasthan of a home.

 Read Brahmasthan And The ripple Effect Here :

Find your word for fearlessness in 2023 with Elena while she is telling us the story of consciously defeating the emotion of fear in being a woman section.

Read her blog  ‘Unleash Your Inner Warrior  here :

Our ever-cheerful Riya om is learning a difficult lesson in her life the hard way. Check out her blog  Crazy Emotional System and Relationships here:

Do you love to have an understanding of the real meaning of Brahmacharya?

Read Dr. Varsha’s blog on this topic here :

No one can teach us more confidently about the aspects of money than Divya Vanshika Om.

Read her ‘ The Revealing art of spending money ‘ and Part 2 here.

Divya how do you do this? This is mindboggling 😊

Check out the nuances of the 16 verses of Sri Suktam By Weena Pradhan.

Read her post Sri Suktam Verses For Quick Chanting Practice here.  This is immensely helpful for a new learner. Thanks, Weena.

 After reading all these wonderful posts by our lovely writers, If you are looking for a bowl of warm Tomato soup,

You will find it here :

Thanks for reading. Please forgive me for any of the mistakes.  Let us march forward with immense gratitude and Hope in our hearts.

Love and hugs

Jai Sri Hari

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