I think most of the people would have heard this quote:

बोली एक अनमोल है, जो कोई बोलै जानि, हिये तराजू तौलि के, तब मुख बाहर आनि।

Means:Words are precious. Whoever uses it should weigh in and then, it should come out. Since, whatever is spoken can’t be taken back. Sharing a short anecdote which happened with me recently.

We returned back to our home after a year as offices were shutdown due to Covid. Immediately, we hired our maid back who used to help us with our regular household work earlier (pre lockdown times). Me and my wife started with mammoth work of cleaning the house. We had lot of items like clothes, electrical items and bedding which were no longer needed. Since, the cleaning process continued for many days and i was loosing my cool with not able to finish it off quickly. I said to my wife: “I didn’t realise we have collected so much of junk over period of time”. My maid was cleaning the other room at that time.

But, as soon as i said this, i realised my mistake. Every evening we used to offer her if she wants any of the stuff which was no longer needed and she used to take happily almost all of it. I felt so bad about the words i spoke. The items which were looking junk to me is brining happiness on her face and even one day she mentioned that the dress of my wife and mine fits really well to her daughter/son. I felt so bad about calling it junk but i couldn’t do anything to reverse it. The feeling which she would have got after hearing the words can’t be undone by any efforts. I can only beg for pardon from Shri Hari for my words. 

Since, then i decided to use my words mindfully. Aim should be that our words should make everyone happy and do not hurt anyones feeling. Even if harsh words are needed sometime, they should be chosen mindfully and not due to sudden reaction. Atleast, you won’t have regret of speaking something unintentional.  

Jaisi Hari Icha!!