Almost a year back, I saw a beautiful idol of Krishna in one of my friend’s place and there was something about that idol that I felt irresistible attraction, the one I never felt for any other idol. The way he was holding his flute, the way his lotus feet looked so pure as dew, I felt as if I found my lost love. Suddenly I became a singer, writer, poet, all-in-one, and started composing songs for Divine.ย 

I was reading scriptures and vedanta for last five years but never before I felt that yearning and thirst for divine, this path was definitely important for me but I wasn’t clearly to leave everything behind and make this my only purpose in life. But something changed that day.

Yesterday, my sister sent a gift for me and when I opened it, I was overwhelmed with divine love. It was the same idol that I loved in my heart, and used to imagine while composing bhajan for divine. I asked my sister that I never told you that I loved this particular idol, then how did you sent the same idol and she said it is purely coincidence. But, someone who is a devotee can only smile and enjoy his divine leelas for he is the one who knows the secret of all hearts. He knew the form that resides in my heart, and he alone gave the liking in my sister’s heart for that particular idol.

Words of glory after seeing lord's beautiful form 2

My Lord, My Protector, the all-attractive Supreme took mercy on me and arrived my home yesterday. I welcomed my Krishna with a song that came to my mind . I hope you all will enjoy the beauty of Lord Krishna in form of this idol and bhajan.

Jai Shree Hari๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™