We know that ‘Words are mightier than s-words (swords)’.

Our brain and tongue have a twisted relationship. Whatever is in the mind doesn’t come as intended at most or all the time. Our beautiful Indian culture states that sounds (Nada) are incredibly powerful. The whole of the universe came into being with the utterance of the syllable ‘Om’. The beautiful narration of Om Swami Ji in the book ‘The Ancient Science of Mantras: Wisdom of the Sages” is amazing. The complicity of Mahadev and Mahadevi with the sounds in creation and annihilation make the book slay the best of science fictions. It is so beautifully narrated.

“..Bholenath..raised his damaru and began playing it..millions of sounds spread in the sky like stars in space. Every time the string of the damaru swooshed through the air, it created a sound. Many other sounds of different frequencies were produced when the beads at the end of the string would strike the damaru heads. Shiva’s moving hands and feet, they all created sounds..And each sound was a mantra representing the feminine, masculine or neutral aspect of creation. From his kundala, ear-loops, originated the seed syllables of kundalini.”

“science believes that there are two types of energies: potential and kinetic. Mantra science says the same thing but takes it a step further. In mantra yoga, while kinetic..energy is an aspect of potential energy, the movement in energy causes sound. When this sonic aspect of energy is harnessed or channelized, it becomes the creative energy. This potent creative energy can be used to aid creation, destruction or sustenance of your world, dreams, goals and desires.”

Excerpt From: Om Swami. “The Ancient Science of Mantras: Wisdom of the Sages”. 

Words-of-power or power of words 2The way we communicate is mostly through words. Albeit mere sounds, words are the vehicles of our audible thoughts, the modulations are our emotions and the speed is the state of our mind at that moment. The trinity of the words (thoughts, emotions and psyche) if turned into venom will unknot even the strongest relationships. The same trinity if wrapped in generosity will empower even the weakest and propel the scope of positivity to others. Once words leave our mouth, these are akin to shooting bows; will these be those of Kaamdev (when stroked only the feeling of love and affection envelop us) or bows of venom (fear, anger and bitterness gripping us)?

The feeling of being in love, the beautiful emotion of being loved gives us the courage to face terrible storms. Mostly it is the little things that we do that matter, little hugs, little touches. Text messages are great for convenience, but it robs us of the opportunities to dream of immense possibilities of being with our loved ones. The opportunity cost of simple text messages is the absence of physical input. We tend to overexpress our emotions in messages and under express them in real. Why not take a break from messages and create opportunities of seeing each other often? Reduce constant text messages to call for half an hour making it into quality time. Narrating each other’s day, smiling and laughing together like the good old days. 

We do have a choice of being a beggar or an aristocrat in our wordings. Complimenting your partner, parents, colleagues either reveal your destitute state or your aristocracy in sentiments. A beggar doesn’t have anything to give as such, how can he afford to be generous in compliments and good words to anyone? On the other hand, when you are generous with complimenting others, you demonstrate that you have a big heart. 

The way we talk, we address someone is a reflection of our intrinsic environment. Are we healthy emotionally? The frailty of human emotions is that we are attention and love dependant. Gifts don’t necessarily capture our need for self-actualisation other than the love and care of our loved ones. 

Therefore, I make a pledge to meditate every day with the Black Lotus app because a calm mind will shape the trinity of my words. Meditation is not a short term goal. It is a target which we have to achieve.  A target of mindfulness, gratitude, sweet words, and personal development goals. A target is just an aim, it doesn’t follow the rules of how many hours I have to sit and meditate. You just have to meditate until you achieve the target. Until then no rest. 

≡Hari Om≡