• Its an amazing journey.  First you write to give words to your tears of sorrow.  Then you write to give words to your joy and gratitude

30 years ago, a time when my mind was totally self centred, full of desires and expectations , not knowing much beyond fulfilment of those desires for being happy, this had come out, during moments of those worldly dreams getting shattered👇

आँसू तो ख़ुदा की वो रहमत

मिल जाए जिसे वो ख़ुशक़िस्मत

ये तो हैं इक ऐसी जन्नत

मिलती ही नहीं जो माँगने पर

जब दिल को किसी की याद आये

वो न आये ये आ जाएँ

तब जानो ख़ुदा की मेहर हुई

भेजा है इन्हें मरहम बन कर

जब दर्द का सहना मुश्किल हो

मुश्किल ही नहीं नामुमकिन हो

इन नन्हे नन्हे मोतियों की

कीमत समझोगे तब  जाकर

रूखी आँखें जब साथ न दें

लफ्जों को अश्क़ बना लेना

शायद राहत की कुछ सांसें

पा जाओ जीते जी मर मर

Today,  after being blessed with the greatest gift of love for Divine, with a heart full of gratitude,  this 👇 is the emotion

जब भक्ति में मन रमने लगे

आनन्द मग्न हो थमने लगे

ये आते हैं तब भी लेकिन

अवतार नया सा इक ले कर


With a heart full of gratitude for Divine blessings and with utmost reverence and prem bhaav for our SWAMIJI, i may humbly share  –

Swamiji’s words work wonder.  I  have been trying to imbibe them slowly but surely. When swamiji said “BE MINDFUL” in all your actions and words,  it penetrated deep into my being,  touched the hard layers of conditioning of mind,  started thawing it and i woke up from a deep slumber,  realising how my bitter words might have hurt the family in past. The magical aspect is that a transformation started happening in a subtle manner, without any effort from my side.  The conscience/inner being keeps reminding me that you are swamiji’s disciple,  how can you be bitter with the same voice that chants maa jagatjanani’s holy names!!!!!! A solid brake put by swamiji.


Its only and only the power of swamiji’s divinity that reaches so deep and start showing us our impurities which  were so beautifully cloaked all these years that at times our mind consider them as our normal – natural, unharmful mannerism.


The great Journey is on…….😊😊😊😊

Jai shri hari