Recently, i spent a week at a Naturopathy center, to take rest and also rejuvenate myself. Having spent a week, i had a chance to watch from close quarters the attitude of the workers and the way they worked. The workers i am referring to are ones who clean the rooms, wash the vessels, cloths, arranging the materials for the various treatments, helping in steam inhaling, gardening etc.. not the doctors or therapists. The following are the attitudes which they displayed

  • Self-driven – Each knew exactly what their task were and went about that right at the start of day(9:00 AM) till (6:00 PM) with an hour break at 1:30 PM for lunch. They helped amongst themselves. No needless chit chat, gossip
  • Courteous – They were very respectful
  • Patient focused – Some of the inmates had come for some specific treatment unlike me. They very friendly with them, made them comfortable and also build some positivity by explaining how inhaling could help
  • Passion – They were very passionate about what they doing. During the entire week, i didn’t see any half-baked work, whatever they did, was to max perfection they could do

I felt there is a lesson to be learnt by engineers working in corporates earning handsomely still expect big increases year-year, always having some grudge, too much distractions within a day, ego.

I wanted to do something for them. After deliberating a bit, i gave Rs 250 to each of 12 workers on the last day of my stay. I don’t think they expected this or have received such a thing in the past. There were lot of happy faces who thanked me, wished me. What i learnt from them is much more than what i gave back. I mentally wished them a hale and health life.

In the last 6 years, i have been consciously trying to work in a Karma yogic way and what i saw during that week is a reinforcement of that and how some inherently do that.

We are here to serve, lets consciously provide our service in the best possible way and humbly accept what we get in return


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