Hello, and thank you for the time you’ll spend reading this!

Currently, I am in Manchester, NH. I moved to the USA for my Master’s pursuit in 2018, from Mumbai, India. In recent weeks, I achieved the job I was working really hard for, this job was the best (pay-wise) one I had got in my life and I relocated to a new place, which was a 20 hr drive in my 2000 Toyota Camry, with all the luggage I could fit in it.

I settled in and signed a lease with the apartment. Started going on-site to work every day, worked weekends and skipped lunch breaks to get my tasks done so that my company would not have any complaints from me and they would admire my hard work. And they did.

After 12 days from day 1 on Friday at 12 pm, I receive a call saying I am being laid off and “please return all the office belongings (laptop, mouse, keyboard, etc) to the HR desk and exit the site”.

I was baffled and literally did not see this coming. I’m 27 now and have worked various jobs to have an idea of seeing a layoff coming my way if I had done something truly awful. I was shocked, angry, confused, and sad all at the same time and I just let my body lose to process everything by itself.

Later, I caught my breath and I tried everything to still get my job back. After various phone calls and messages, I was able to have a sit down with the HR lady and she said it was strictly a financial decision since the company lost a huge client and their funding got cut off. To which I couldn’t say anything further and I exited with a lot of confusion, anger and sadness.

All my life even till now, I have everyday chanted Hanuman Chalisa and Shiva Tandava Strotam without fail, regardless of how my life has been; I have liked to be extremely grateful to god every day for creating such a beautiful and wholesome world, where there are people, animals, flora and fauna, foods, natural beauty and resources, and of course, enlightenment. Seldom my purpose of worship would be to gain something if I was going through a really bad phase in life.

I would discuss more about myself as a person and my life and family in greater depth in future posts. This is my very first time writing a blog, 10 years ago I would’ve laughed at the idea of doing something like this and here I am now.

Please note it’s not for money. Today, I just saw a video of Om Swami on the topic of Tapas — Penance (English with CC) on YouTube posted on Dec 07, 2012. It was so real and legit that it got me intrigued to know about him more and it eventually led me to this. I have to share about the spiritual experiments I did, the observations I made and the results I got. I would continue writing further only if I get enough audience.

Thanks again!